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Yamato Sewing Machines

More than 300 Yamato Flatlock Sewing machines are available for BTEXCO’s production. Yamato flatlock sewing machine is one of the best flatlock stitch (ISO 607) sewing machines. In the year 2013. BTEXCO produced and shipped more than 3 million pcs of flatlock underwear, sportswear and outdoor clothing.





Flatlock Seam

Flatlock Seam

A specialized flatlock sewing machine is normally used to sew flatlock seams. The machine fuses 2 edges of material together to create a smooth, flat seam. Most clothes are sewn with overlock seams. Overlock seams are a cheaper, faster and easier way to sew clothes with but it leaves a bulky uncomfortable seam in the clothes.

Flatlock seams leave a smooth surface, almost like there are no seams at all.

With more than 300 Japan made Yamato flatlock sewing machines, Beta Textiles Co., Limited (BTEXCO) is one of the leading flatlock garment manufacturer in Jiangsu, Province, China.